WS Obfuscation: Questions


Choose a bullet point or a set of questions grouped with a bullet point below to discuss it in your group. 
When the group discussed the point thoroughly, you could move to the additional question below if preferred.


  • -> Discuss any apparent limits of AI-based computer vision systems and what kind of functional and social problems there could emerge associated with the limits.
  • -> Do we want the technology of facial analysis?
    • — if yes, how could it be used without causing ethical issues?
    • — if no, what are the problems and would obfuscation ("tricking" CV) be useful to respond to the technology and its potential social (mis)use?
  • -> Are there any way to counter and resist “face scraping” (data collection of faces and their associated identity publicly available)?


--- Additionally ---

  • -> Would it be possible to expand the practice of obfuscating ("tricking") CV models into participatory and social domains?
    • — If so, could this social aspect be important?


  • -> Would you be interested in forking the face painting programme by the artist, for example by changing the masked paint images to be revealed with the brush?
    • — How would you go about forking?