Can You Tell Me About Yourself for the Sake of Art?

Can You Tell Me About Yourself for the Sake of Art?


Psychological Tension of Data Collection 
Shinji Toya
Animation made with the result of a participatory data collection.




A badge and screensaver made for the project – with a QR code for the online form for the data collection.

Can You Tell Me About Yourself For the Sake of Art? is a participatory digital art project commissioned for an exhibition Please, Express Yourself curated by Filippo Lorenzin, and it was displayed at a major art museum in London with the help of the front of house teams, and online at Green Cube Gallery.

For the exhibition, “Shinji Toya explored data collecting policy at the time of the General Data Protection Regulation with a work blending IRL engagement with online procedures. Members of Staff wore QR codes pins redirecting visitors who scanned them to an online form featuring questions collected among the employees of the museum. The answers collected by the artist have been used to produce a visual poetry artwork that shows whether the visitors were or not willing to give up the information for each field”.

See the data poetry optimally


(The quoted text by Filippo Lorenzin)


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