September – December 2018
Art + Technology residency, Focus-Next: Future Human, at SPACE, London

November 2018
Can You Tell Me About Yourself for the Sake of Art? as part of Please, Express Yourself curated by Filippo Lorenzin, at GreebCube Gallery (online) and a museum in London

6-10 September 2018
Hotel Generation – Ars Electronica curated by Rebecca Edwards, arebyte at Ars Electronica 2018, Linz

Spring 2018
UGC Paris art commission

April-May 2018
Machines Will Watch Us Die curated by Patrizia Costantin, at Holden Gallery, Manchester

15-22 April 2018
Infinite Multiple
at arebyte Gallery, London

February 2018 –
Online showcase at Collectionair curated by Martin Guinard-Terrin (Link)

30 September 2017
Art Licks Weekend 2017: Making + Re-Imagining on the Thames Beach by AltMFA

20 July – 20 September 2017 (Part2) at Arebyte Gallery
at Site:

6-7 May 2017
Unknown Futures: AltMFA residency and show at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects

2 November 2016 – 8 January 2017
Online Residency at Arebyte: (Part1)
at, Arebyte Gallery and Newhive.

24 November 2016
Book launch of ‘I’m Alone, But Not Lonely’, Volker Grassmuck, by eeodo.
Processes of Life/Painting
Location: Waterstones, Tottenhan Court Road, London

25 July – 23 October 2016
at galleryELL website.

1 October 2016
State of Flux: AltMFA Live Art Thames Tour, Artlicks Weekend
Event page

21 July 2016
Interfaces Monthly at Fish Island Labs (in association with Barbican and the Trampery)
Location: Hackney, London.

2nd July 2016
Burlington Gardens Festival
Location: Royal Academy of Arts, London.

29th March 2016 – 11 June 2016
Storage Unit at Arebyte Gallery, London and online:

Re-screenings of Is There Beauty in Forgetting? at the online site, the video speculates on aesthetic meanings of forgetting in digital age.

The project has been launched on 7th April 2016 and this date concided with First Thursday Late Opening in association with Whitechapel Gallery.

“Thursday 7th we will be re-launching our online/offline project space with a work by Shinji Toya, ‘Is There Beauty in Forgetting?’ (2015) which closed our project for The Wrong, a New Digital Art Biennale.”
(*from Arebyte Newsletter)

The website for the video screening is made so that the video screened will be decaying throughout time, in order to seek the possibilities of digital deterioration.

20th-22nd May 2016
Internet Yami-Ichi at Offprint London
Location: Tate Modern, London

Image copyright: ©Arebyte 2016


9th May 2016
Open studio – AltMFA residency at Guest Projects, London

Is There Beauty in Forgetting? had been shown and screened alongside 3 fine art prints made from the video.

1 November 2015 – 31 January 2016
Dystrophies: The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale at the UK pavilion by Arebyte Gallery.

“Dystrophies pavilion presents a series of video works relating to notions of memory, time and dreams. Each of the works, some digitally-born and some adapted are screened repeatedly for a duration of twenty-four hours – slowly weakening, fading, disintegrating, ultimately disappearing with time. The project looks at the possibilities of a digital dystrophy, where the digital and the virtual are affected by time.
The project is not aimed at the digital per se, but critically observes the digitally adapted objects – its preservation, deterioration and archeology.”

Arebyte Gallery: Dystrophies

4 September 2015
AltMFA Palindromic Sequence – A Live Map of Thames, Art Licks Weekend.
Location: Bermondsey, London.

Toya’s site-specific video piece was featuring in the outdoor live art event by Alt MFA taken place alongside the river Thames.

The video played on the mobile device was digitally edited and explores the palindromic flow of waves (that is both forwards and backwards) in a surreal manner, and it responds to the theme of the event: Palindromic Sequence. The edited video was shown on the visitor’s own mobile device at the shore where the original footage was shot. And the visitors watched the video that provides digitally fragmented, surreal perception of the waves coming and going simultaneously, and this was juxtaposed with the landscape of the real, ever-changing river.

Photographic documentation of the work
More information about the event

26 June – 30 August 2015
Poetry in Visual, Moving Art Project – Art-Map
Exhibiting Birds and Territoriality No.3 and Topology of Pixels
Gallery of City Museum Aveiro and Gallery of Capitania Building, Aveiro, Portugal

© Art-Map

“The project features creative works in which poiesis is the message and the desire which subordinates the choice of theme and technique. Participants responded to the challenge of search for the poetic element in contemporary art and their works show the same concern.”
(The text quoted from the press release)

The poetic aspects are found in the artworks by Toya, in which the two selected videos explore rhythm and the perceptual qualities (visual and kinetic) brought about by new technology (digital manipulation of image/moving-image). The theme of each work is present, yet the aspect of the viewer’s perception and contemplation with the digital images is not subordinated.

20 Apr – 26 July 2015
Art-Map Online Gallery
Art-Map website

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