Paint Your Face Away (Online Application)

Paint Your Face Away
Shinji Toya

Online Platform (, Digital Painting Programme, Face Detection Algorithms, Painting.

This online application of the project Paint Your Face Away is commissioned by Fotomuseum Winterthur for the exhibition SITUATIONS/Strike.


Visit the Online Exhibition


*Once you finished painting your face using the platform, you are encouraged to submit the portrait picture to the public archive via:


Production support:
Alejandro Daniel Ball from Agorama (Full stack development support)
Ashwin D’Cruz (Machine Learning expertise and advice)
Tobias Stenberg (Coding contribution)

Research advice and inspiration by:
Simon Crowe
Alexander Fefegha from Comuzi
Marco De MuTiis

Special thanks:
Jonathan Brantschen | Compiler (Tanya Boyarkina & Oscar Cass-Darweish) | Inês Costa | Rebecca Edwards | Max Dovey | Claudel Goy | Trisan Deschamps-Lange | Sam Mercer | Mona Schubert | Jon Uriarte | Nimrod Vardi | Anna Viani | Nadine Wietlisbach | Fotomuseum Winterthur

The tools used include:
Javascript: P5.js, ml5.js, face-api.js (TensorFlow.js) / Max MSP Jitter.