Cellular Automata Painting

Above is a 3D installation model of a computer artwork that is work in progress. It employs a life-imitating algorithm (Game of Life) originally developed by John Conway. This algorithm provides an artificial eco-system where complex interaction of local pixels delivers an unpredictable global visual pattern,

The artist customised Game of Life in order to provide a different types of visual patterns, and the resulted pattern captures surfaces of actual paintings painted by the artist.

The image produced by the algorithm is projected on the bottom surface of a water pool, as the result the work gives rise to impression of a painting growing and mutating in a petri dish. As the picture mutates, it forms various different structures such as cellular, crystalline and net-like structures.

The artist experiments with the combinatory potential of the practices of painting and computer art, and explores the layering of surfaces and illusion of depth in digital image making.

Screenshot images of Cellular Automata Painting
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