WS References 1

Workshop: CV Obfuscation

Shinji Toya


--- Recommended materials to read/watch (optional) ---


[Short materials]

The rise of the anti-facial recognition movement, Joseph Cox (2014)

The world’s scariest facial recognition company, explained, Vox / Rebecca Heilweil (2020)

Ways of machine seeing, Geoff Cox (2016)

Presentation by Katharine Jarmul at Transmediale Symposium 2020 - Exchange #5: Neural Network Cultures [YouTube] (2020)

[Longer materials]

Working with Faces - A journey into the art of face analysis and classification, Kyle McDonald (2020)

Introduction to Adversarial Machine Learning, Floydhub (2019)

The Nooscope manifested: AI as instrument of knowledge extractivism, Matteo Pasquinelli & Vladan Joler (2020)