SPACE LCN Practice Examples

SPACE LCN relevant examples of practice: Images and website links

Shinji Toya


→ Anti-surveillance projects:


Paint Your Face Away
(1st iteration presented at Tate Britain | 2nd iteration commissioned by Fotomuseum Winterthur)

Paint Your Face Away, 1st iteration - workshop at Tate Britain

Paint Your Face Away, 2nd iteration - web application commissioned by Fotomuseum Wintherthur

→ Projects concerning the materiality of media:


3 Years and 6 Months of Digital Decay
(Commission by arebyte Gallery)

Online exhibition of the work on arebyte On Screen

Photographic documentation of the exhibition of the work in Holden Gallery in Manchester

Careful Networks
commission works
(Co-commision by The Photographers' Gallery and Phoenix)

An online exhibition page of the commissioned works

An interactive blog reflecting on the commission process


-- Work-in-progress sketches from the new project being developed that I will mention in my LCN submission --
(AI-based texture transfer of soil, stones and rare metals. The project will aim to make visible the materiality of our devices and digital networked systems.)