Workshop Resources (30 May 2024)



Workshop Resources (30 May 2024)


[Part 1: Carbon Measure]

>> Spreadsheets for carbon measure exercises


[Part 2: Compression and lightweight digital image-making tools]

JPEG Compression - TinyPNG 

Pixel art tool - Pixelit  

Dither algorithms - Ditherit 

Ascii art - Ascii art generator 


[Other resources]

DIY Guide: How to measure the amount of carbon reduction made through image compression

Green Hacks: Optimising images for web - Rekka Bellum
"Produced for The Photographers' Gallery's Green Hacks – a series of artist-made how-to videos unpacking practical tips to educate, inform and inspire their community." (Source)

Briefing Report: Environmental Sustainability in the Digital Age of Culture, Julie's Bicycle

Climate Impact Partners - The carbon footprint of the internet (inc. tips for reducing online carbon footprints) 

Green Web Foundation - Green energy checker for websites 

Other resources on 

Resources compiled by Shinji Toya